Shuangyashan - A Day-by-Day Report

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Day 1 Rewind Shuangyashan Station kicks off today. Around 200 players from 20 countries are joining in this event. Among the 17 international players, Jason Theron(RSA) and Hwang Yong(KOR) start from Play-off round.

After beating Cheng Xin 7-2, Jason Theron met Hwang Yong in the winners’ round, and neither of them had a comfortable lead as the score went to 2-2, 4-4. In the 9th rack, Hwang Yong accidentally committed an error of pocketing both the cue ball and the black ball. Jason took advantage of it and got one point lead, but Hwang Yong fought back and took the next two racks, getting on the hill with 6-5 with 2 minutes left. Haven’t got enough time, Jason failed to turn the tide. 

Day 2 Rewind  A large number of 160 players from near 20 countries compete in Stage 1. Stage 1 takes the regulation of race to 11 with 120 mins limited.

Names of hot players like Li Hewen, Johann Chua, Jeffrey Ignacio and many others can be spotted on the list of participants.

Among 17 overseas players, 4 have finished their first battle on this day and all of them enjoyed the sweet taste of victory.

Day 3 Rewind Day 3 witnessed 12 international players’ performances, among them, 4 went up to the winners’ round, 8 fell to the opposite.  Trailing 8-10, Paulo Santos (POR) snatched 2 racks to tie the match on hill-hill, but succumbed 10-11 to Bao Hongfeng (CHN) who made a clearance in the deciding rack. Joao Barbosaa (POR) recorded a big win of 11-1 over Wang Luqi (CHN). Johann Chua (PHI) was the heartbreaker of a girl Wang Luqi(CHN) by 11-6 after being outplayed by Si Xiaoyu (CHN) who used to practice with Zheng Yubo.

Day 4 Rewind Great day for Thomas Finstad (CAN), Jeffrey Ignacio (PHI) and Sanjin Pehlivanovic (BIH) who became the first three players who made it to Stage 2. For the remaining 14 international players, half were unfortunately eliminated and the other half are going to face their deciding game tomorrow. Another thrilling match just ended for Johann " Bad Koi " Chua (PHI) who had taken a 5-2 lead over his opponent Jiang Peng (CHN) but somehow let him launch a strong comeback and level the score at 6-6. Although this match won’t be found in his A-game list, Johann kept calm and won the match anyway by 11-7. His good friend Jeffrey Ignacio (PHI) actually played quite nice and lead the match all the time, defeating the experienced Pu Songyu(CHN) with 9-7. Aden Joseph (RSA) first met a tough player Li Hewen (CHN) and lost to this titleholder of 2 station events by 3-11, then 5-11down to Ma Liang (CHN).

Day 5 Rewind Stage 1 just passed by and presented 7 international players to compete in the next stage. Same as Stage 1, the format of Stage 2 is still Double-Elimination, Race to 11, 120-min time limit.  Today, only Jason Theron (RSA) and Joao Barbosa (POR) survived Loser’s Qualification and grabbed the last ticket to Stage 2, but later they were back to the loss side again after their first battle. Sanjin Pehlivanovic (BIH) has been in good shape and kept downing his third opponent Jinn He(CHN) by 8:6. Jeffrey Ignacio’s (PHI) match with Zhao Yue (CHN) was quite fierce, and the largest gap between the two contestants was an interim 8-6 in favor of Zhao. Later, Jeffrey managed to tie the score at 9-9 with 4 mins left and pounded in 2 shots in the penalty, finally won this match with 10-9. 

Day 6 Rewind 4 out of 7 international players finished their Shuangyashan Station event, carving the day with some regrets.  Jeffrey Ignacio (PHI) was currently the only international player who was able to arrive at Stage 3 by beating Feng Li (CHN) 11-4. Together with him, the other Philippine player Johann " Bad Koi " Chua (PHI) will continue his match with Zhang Gong (CHN) to see if he could catch up with his friend. Sanjin Pehlivanovic (BIH) also suffered a little setback from Wang Yuheng (CHN), arguably the greatest player in Jiangxi Province, who punished Sanjin hard when Sanjin missed a few easy shots. As time ran out, Sanjin struggled to take 3 racks in a row, but that didn’t help him change the outcome.

Day 7 Rewind The end of Stage 2 brings the beginning of Stage 3, which takes Double-Elimination, Race to 13 within 140 mins. Jeffrey Ignacio (PHI) became the only international player who fought all his way from the beginning to Stage 3 as both Sanjin Pehlivanovic (BIH) and Johann " Bad Koi " Chua (PHI) were downing by players Bao Hongfeng (CHN) 5-11, Zhang Gong (CHN) 8-9 respectively. In the first round of Stage 3, Jeffrey faced Wang Yuheng(CHN) who’d defeated Sanjin yesterday by 10-5. Tense and twists filled up this combat especially the last 4 minutes when 10-9 was displayed on the scoreboard in favor of Wang. Soon Wang accidentally jumped the cueball out of the table. Jeffrey accepted the unexpected chance and cleared the table in one minute to tie the match with 10-10 and won later with 3-1 in the penalty shootout.

Day 8 Rewind

It’s quite surprising that After beating Liu Xin(CHN) 13-6, Phone Myint Kyaw(MYA) couldn't keep his momentum and failed o reach the last stage by losing to Sun Mingming (CHN), a dark horse who played from the beginning, with 10-13. Being disadvantaged from the 2-6, 4-8, Phone had been struggling all the way to equate the score to 9-9. However, after the timeout, his momentum somehow was gone and didn’t make a further breakthrough.

After a victory 11-10 over favored Wang Yuheng in his match of Stage 3, Jeffrey Ignacio had a tough day when he faced Wan Tongle and later Yu Haitao. After 4:4, Jeffrey took the next 3 racks in a row to build up a lead advantage. However, Wan won the next 5 racks in a row, leading 9:7. Jeffrey did all he can to tie it up at 11-11 as time ran out, but Wan worked better to win 2-0 in the penalty. The next round was not easier for Jeffrey. He met Yu Haitao and needed a victory to secure a spot in the round of the last 32 players. But things didn't go on as the Philippine expected, he lost to Yu by 5-13.

Day 9 Rewind

Zheng Yubo out! It's was not exactly how the audience expected it to be, but Zheng Yubo was eliminated by the biggest dark horse Sun Mingming in the Single-Elimination round of the last 32 players. Sun kept amazing control of the cueball, taking 13:8 lead in a race-to-15 match. Zheng then showed his power to cut the deficit down to 1 only, writing the score 13:14. However, Sun broke and ran in the next rack to see off Zheng.

Day 10 Rewind

Abu Lajiang was definitely one of the toughest masters who are so good with pressure. When he was 5-12 down, it seemed that his opponent Wang Yuheng (CHN) would win out of question, but Abu Lajiang unbelievably took down 7 racks thus leveled the score at 12-12, and won by a whisker with 14-13.

No large gap, the score was always being close between Wu Hao (CHN) and Wan Tongle (CHN), which lasted to the time’s up. It turned out that Wan got the better of Wu in Shootout and defeated him by 13-12.

Another thrilling encounter was the match between Wang Yun and Liu Chuang. Liu performed better, building up an unassailable 13-5 lead. Wang struggled to get going later, pulling the score to 14-14 with 6 break-and-runs and 2 clearances. However, Liu fought his way back in the next racks and accepted some mistakes from Wang, getting his foot into the Semi-finals by 17-15.

After a tie 9-9, Yang Fan capitalized in winning the next 5 racks to move ahead at 14-9. Lv tried everything he could do to cut the lap, but Yang was a bit stronger to lock the final score at 16-12 as time ran out.

As #4 ranked player on the ICEA Rankings, Wan Tongle had overcome 5 matches to reach the Semi-final. The match between Wan and Abu was more like a "break-and-run show". Wan produced 7 break-and-run and 3 clearances, and Abu 6 break-and-run and 5 clearances. After trailing 1-7, Abu kept his nerves together and turned the tide 13-13. However, Wan took the advantage of Abu's 3rd time illegal break, getting on the hill 16-16. Under huge pressure, he finally took the 33rd rack.

Yang Fan (CHN), #2 ranked player on the ICEA Rankings, was defeated by his longtime rival Liu Chuang (CHN) with 16-17 and took the third place. Brilliant semifinal as it was between two evenly matched top opponents, heat and drama were fully displayed here. Especially when Yang tied the score again and again, from 5-5, 7-7, to 15-15, then, double-hill. It’s a pity that Yang fouled In the deciding rack and handled Liu a ball in hand as well as the seat in the Final.

Day 11 Rewind

Liu Chuang takes his first Masters Title! China's Liu Chuang is the 2018 World Chinese 8-Ball Masters #3 Shuangyashan Station champion as he beat Wan Tongle in a thrilling final.

Liu Chuang, one of the Chinese 8-Ball International Dream Team members, had beaten a slew of star names en route to ultimate victory – Lei Yiwei, Qiu Paomou, Wang Yun, Yang Fan and finally Wan Tongle.

From 1-5 to 7-7 and then 10-10, nothing could stop Liu to fight his way to the trophy. Under the huge pressure, Liu made 4 break-and-run and 1 clearance to write the score 18-13. Rack 32 was won by Wan, but Liu took the risk to pocket the 10-ball and then 8-ball in the deciding rack, taking the point he needed to win the event 19-14.